About Kussa Shea Bliss


A visionary skincare line made in Ghana with organic products sourced from the right places We aim to provide exceptional services to our customers. We have taken into consideration the climate shea butter provides an excellent source of organic nutrients good for the skin and great on the hair We have researched this for many years and have worked providing quality cruelty-free shea butter for all your needs.

Whatever your skin and haircare needs are, Kussa Shea Bliss exists as a viable option for you and your family. Our range of products covers the entire spectrum of the needs of all your family from baby to adults

We look forward to your great reviews in the future after testing our products listening and hearing your feedback will improve

Our Values

Local Economy

We source our raw shea butter through local shea butter makers from the Northern parts of Ghana. This in return boost local economies and leads to business continuity for small businesses owners who are predominantly women

Natural Products

Kussa Shea Bliss (KSB) highlights the powerful effects of shea butter as a body and haircare product. The goal is for are wonderful clients to be as close to nature whiles taking care of their skin. Chemicalization is reduced to the barest minimum to highlight the raw benefits of quality handmade shea butter

Handmade Quality

Making your favourite body shea butter and soap by hand is our continued commitment to provide the best of products to you. Attention to detail is key to our products, making every item uniquely crafted for you

We invite you to try Kussa Shea Bliss today Our goal is to help you fall in love with your natural skin no rush to inherit a second skin but use Kussa Shea Bliss as a companion in your beauty journey making your skin and hair firm, natural and polished A happy client with a good recommendation goes a long way hence we invest heavily in client experience knowing the rewards are in future businesses.

Our Expertise

Where we shine is our passion to do more, create more and be innovative where others haven’t. By creating unique experiences for people through the production of luxurious hand-made skincare and health products. Innovation lies at the heart of our brand

Every decision on our product must have a the consumer at the heart, we believe everything we do must have a touch of luxury, positive energy and a celebration of the Ghanaian aesthetic.

We will consider ourselves successful when we see a Kussa Shea Bliss product on the shelves of households all over Ghana and across the world. We look forward to collaborate and work with more forward thinking, energetic and intelligent staff as the company expands.

Our Products

Our products are tested to the right standards, with the goal giving you value for money every step of the way. We invite you to escape the hustle of not knowing which Shea Butter product to use for your skin and hair. We have a range of products ranging from organic soaps, shea butter, natural oils that will delight your skin and give it a natural glow

Our Location